aaaaand nothing….why am i not surprised

ahhh memory’s, tonight will be like old times…’constantly checking every website possible for a pic of zashley until it’s way past my bedtime and nothing has been posted, to only discover 1 or 2 pics in the morning’….. yeah…i’m getting to old for this, but the old fangirl me is making me do it

i just found this gif in my folder…seems appropriate to post right now when my shock is still fresh..

wait….is this twilight zone? really? am i dreaming…..

I giggle so hard when I see one of my manips in a group with actual real pictures of zashley lol

my whole take on the zac not going to ashley’s bday is that i am not surprised he didn’t go.

there might of been a very good reason for him not showing up, sure…but…

if the reason was that vanessa and austin was there..then zac is being a douche, because he should just hold it together for a day to support his long time friend. it’s been 3 years, you can suck it up for a few hours!