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Most beautiful proposal ever!

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Everytime I see new pictures of Zac..

I feel like this.

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My TV time starts again!

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What I wouldn’t do to actually hear the words “Dick”, “Orgasm” and “Coming” out of Mr. Efron’s mouth in a same sentence!

Thank you Details Magazine for that article!!!

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Poll of the Day: Do you like Zac as a single guy?

Me? Hell yeah!

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So everyone knows this shirt right? Zac has worn it many times…

So here I am, staning in line at Sweden airport to check in and as I turn around I come face to face with that shirt. I swear to god my heart stopped :D But it wasn’t him…it was very similar copy of Zac. And the BEST thing was, he sat next to me on the plane!!!! I had my very own swedish Zac Efron! A buff hokey player! LOL :D

Guess who got a number…!!!

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I spotted a little hickey on Zac :P He got his grove on! High five! :D

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I had this dream…

…where I was at the Oscars, but it was like kinda different, like people where sitting behind big tables and having drinks, but also watching the show (almost like the Golden Globes). So I was sitting there, I got the tickets from a friend who couldn’t go and I was really bored out of my mind. And then I saw Zac sitting a little away from me with Kellan. They were talking and stuff and I was just like staring at him.

Next thing I knew, he had come over to my table to talk to the people there. We didn’t talk, but I kinda like looked at him from the corner of my eye. And I wanted to tweet about how I’m sitting next to him and how he’s such a sweetie…so I was in the middle of writing it and he leaned closer and started staring at my phone, like he knew what I was doing :D I denyed everything, made soemthing up that I’m texting a friend and stuff, he didn’t believe me, but continues talking to me.

He had moved from his table to mine, to talk. And we like talked about so random stuff and he was so cute. And we like kinda flirted.

Well the dream ended how he took me home, walked me to my door and gave me a kiss.

And then I woke up. It was the most weirdest dream ever, because it felt so freaking real. I was so shocked when I woke up this morning, I really thought it just happened, I was like smiling big and stuff, but then I figured, that it was only a dream.

I hate it when you have those kind of dreams, like they feel so real. Like I really was there, talking to him.

*Sighs* I should sleep more often, maybe I can continue with that dream XD

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