Jensen: First I got to say..ah…Zach’s security detail…

Jensen: ..just, just…I feel like the president now, because we couldn’t get here! Which is why i’m sure he was stalling. We literally could not get here. We had to jump out of our cars..
Jared: Illegally!
Jensen:..on the main road! We had to wait for the train to pass, then we jumped into some golfcarts…we’re talking like a mile and a half away from here.
Jared: Sidewalks!
Jensen: Driving on the sidewalks..*makes a horn noise* GET OUT OF THE WAY! GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!’ Down a one way street, the wrong way! 
Jensen: On the street! Cars swerving! There’s a guy holding a subway sign 'You guys are breaking the law!'
Jared: Honest to God!
Jensen: And..and…security…running!!! 'I'M ON AT SIX! I GOT HIM!' Oh, my gosh, man! My heart is bounding right now!
Jared: Mine is too! I was like 'He he, this is awesome, I'm scared!!' Cars like flashing their lights. And the funny thing no way were we accidentally driving a golfcart down the streets, so people were like 'Uh, you're not supposed to drive a golf-card down the street…', 'That's illegal!'…Yeah, no kidding, we know that!
Jensen: *Honk honk* and I just heard 'NERD HQ, COMING THROUGH!'

" See, according to leading psychiatrists, Stan is a bully for one of three reasons…"